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Unser Kunde ist ein internationales Unternehmen der Pharmabranche mit über 14.000 Mitarbeitern deutschlandweit.


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  • eine interessante und abwechslungsreiche Tätigkeit 
  • individuelle, persönliche Betreuung und Beratung durch unsere Niederlassung
  • attraktive Konditionen und Sozialleistungen 
  • renommierter Auftraggeber
  • übertarifliche Bezahlung
  • vermögenswirksame Leistungen

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  • Vollzeit (37,5 Stunden/Woche)
  • Arbeitszeiten: Mo-Fr
  • Beginn: ab sofort
  • Befristung: vorerst für 16 Monate (Option auf eine Verlängerung ist gegeben) 


in Anlehnung an den Chemie-Tarifvertrag

Der Job

  • The Therapeutical Area Budget-Support will contribute to reduce the differences between plan numbers and forecasts through quick implementation of new budgets into the system, translation – under the guidance of TABS – of changes in assumptions into budgets and identification of deviations and root-cause analysis of the most important deviations (where, when, what, etc.)
  • In order to achieve this he/she will meet with TABS regularly and define the scope of weekly support and develop a joint time plan. He/ She will get information regarding medical assumptions (Volume) and financial figures (Unit Costs), which serve as the basis to calculate budget numbers
  • The Support Roll will distribute the budget numbers over fiscal years with the help of an algorithm and through entering certain start / end dates
  • Break down budget numbers (Total Budget) into various contribution in certain cost categories and countries. This is based on comparing total with local cost drivers, e.g. the total number of patients, and the planned number of patients per country.
  • Apply tools (especially Excel with VBA programming, Clear Trial) in order to provide calculations as input to the work of TABS
  • Quality improvement of legacy numbers in the system: Goes through deviations between budget and outlooks and actuals, identifies the main contribution with help of existing tools and proposes a fix to adjust budgets or outlooks to the TABS and implements in alignment with TABS.
  • Prepare e-mails and presentations under the guidance and in support of TABS
  • Upload approved budget numbers into a system (TM1 Cube from IBM). Review and check the quality of system entries
  • Provide various manual entries into systems and make sure the quality of the entry is okay.
  • Work fast and with high precision

Das bringen Sie mit

  • Bachelor in a quantitative field like financials or accounting with a strong affinity for numbers and systems
  • Or a Bachelor in IT, engineering, science, computer science with a strong affinity for financials and accounting
  • Potentially a highly skilled assistant who has relevant working experience is also applicable if the below features are meet
  • Several years of continuous assignment with daily work in databanks, system-cubes, tools, excel analysis or programming
  • Understands new systems and tools quickly
  • Has a structured way to learn and master access to data and tools
  • More than a passive application or established tools e.g.
    • Being able to overview large amounts of numbers
    • Being able to work step by step and logically through challenges
    • Being able to work around a problem and come up with a solution
    • Providing feedback on features and functions
  • Experience in clinical trials might be helpful to better understand the wording and background of work, but not necessary
  • Some experience with Excel programming, Visual Basic programming or similar
  • Understanding of program code


Herr Robert Schindler
Office Events P & B GmbH
Freseniusstraße 29
65193 Wiesbaden


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